Requirements for Online Undergraduate Minor

Students who earn a B.A. in Sociology may not also earn a minor in Sociology. Students earning the minor must pass 18 credits with grades of C or higher. Nine of the credits must be upper division (level 300 or 400 courses). Students may count S grades online in courses in which all grades are S/U. Students may substitute an upper division social research methods course for the required SOC 352 from the Departments of Communication Studies, Criminal Justice, Government, or Psychology. However, students making this substitution must still pass 18 credits in Sociology in order to earn this minor. Students may not count OC 249 or SOC 449 towards the minor.

Required Courses for the Minor

  • SOC 101G Introductory Sociology (3 credits)
  • SOC 351 Sociological Theory (3 credits)
  • SOC 352 Social Research: Methods (3 credits)
  • Nine additional Sociology credits, of which, at least 6 are upper division.