Sociology Faculty

Name Email Title Specializations
Diana Furman Administrative Assistant Inter
David LoConto Department Head, Professor Early American Sociology, Social Psychology, Popular Culture
Stephanie M. Arnett Assistant Professor Education, Race and Ethnicity, Research Methods, Social Stratification
David G. Ortiz Associate Professor Social Movements, Civic Engagement, State Repression,Time-Diffusion of Social Processes, Political Sociology, Internet Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Digital Media, Latin America, Peace and Conflict Studies, Research Methodology
Kathryn Hovey College
Assistant Professor
Social Theory, Criminology, Social Control, Deviance, Urban and Rural Communities
Alison Newby Assistant Professor Demography, Migration, U.S. – Mexico Border
Cynthia Fabrizio Pelak Assistant Professor Social Inequality, Multi-racial Feminist Theories, Sociology of Sports, Race and Ethnic Relations, Collective / Social Memory, Social Change and Social Movements
James Rice Associate Professor International Political Economy, Environmental Sociology, Theory
Julie Steinkopf Associate Professor Capitalism, Post-Marxism, Alternative Economies, Economic Subjectivity, Community Development, Public Sociology
Sandra Way Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Sociology of Education, Stratification, Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Juvenile Delinquency

Affiliated Faculty

Name Email
Martha Loustaunau
Kassia Wosick

Retired Faculty

Name Specializations
Martha Loustaunau Medical Sociology, Medical Ethics, Aging and Society
Lee Hamilton Sociology of Rural Communities, Sociology of Organizations, Social Change, Social Theory
Joe Rogers First Department Head of Sociology and Anthropology, 1968-1973. Criminology, Juvenile Delinquency, Social Problems, and the American Circus.
Cookie Stephan Social Psychology, Race/Ethnicity, Gender
Jim Williams Demography, Social Science Research Methods, Statistics