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Congratulations to one of our Graduate students, LaJaun Willis III for his first publication. He did an analysis of variation in optimism regarding the future of the United States. LaJaun used data from the Pew Research Center, with a sample size of 2,600. He found that both race and income were significantly correlated with levels of optimism about the future of the United States, however multivariate analyses demonstrated that after controlling for education, political affiliation, and beliefs about the ability of the United States to change, the effects of race/ethnicity on optimism were no longer significant. The data was from 2014. LaJaun is hoping to replicate this study during the Trump Administration to see the potential impact on optimism regarding the future of the United States. The reference is listed below. We are all very proud of LaJaun.

Willis, LaJaun III. 2017. “Hope for a Better Nation? Variations in Optimism about the Future of the Country by Income and Race/Ethnicity.” The Ronald E. McNair Symposium Journal, 2:57-69.

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