Hi, and welcome to the Department of Sociology. We have a strong and vibrant department, currently consisting of nine Sociologists. Our specializations are in Borderland Studies, Race/Ethnicity, Stratification, Environmental Sociology, as well as Gender/Sexualities. Our numbers have grown over the past 11 years, where we had 39 total majors (grad and undergrad) in 2003, this past year we had 226. This unprecedented growth has been due in large part to an active, involved collection of faculty who has made it their goal to reach out and help our students be the best they can be. Please feel free to call, email, or stop by the Department of Sociology and I will gladly share our vision and your future with you.

Thank you,

David G. LoConto, Department Head


Image of sociology textbooks

Image courtesy of Jon Williams

Sociology is the study of group life.  As a social science it combines scientific and humanistic perspectives in the study of urban and rural life, family patterns and relationships, social change, inter-group relations, social class, environment, technology and communications, healthcare, and illness, social movements, community responses to disasters, and pressing contemporary social issues. In addition to our own interactions and behaviors, social forces impact our families, schools, businesses and the communities in which we live.  Therefore, sociology provides new tools for understanding and building better social relationships. It is relatively easy to combine sociology with other degrees.  Popular combinations include business, communication studies, family and consumer science, government, geography, health science, history, military science, philosophy, psychology, theatre and women’s studies.  With planning, a second degree or a minor may be achieved without altering a student’s original graduation date.

Our Location: Science Hall, Room 286

The Sociology Department is located in Science Hall, which is on the corner of Williams and Stewart Street on the NMSU campus.  Science Hall is also on the Frenger Mall (pedestrians only – no vehicles) directly across from the Branson Library.  After entering the Science Hall building, take the stairs or small elevator off of the main lobby to the second floor. Turn right into the hallway, towards the short end of the hall.  At the end of the hall take a right, walk up the small staircase (or take the ramp) and walk through the blue double doors.